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Love In The Time Inbetween

Decolonizing love and healing your relationship to self, the other and re-membering your abundance and understanding of creativity, love and integrating your vision into grounded action.

Photograph by Erin O’neill


I am here to help you deconstruct our social conditioning of what it means to love and to be in relationship and coming back to our most centered and inherit understanding of what it means to be in relation to the self and beyond what is handed to us through western society, we have a deeper, older, more complete perception. Re-membering these values in you, you can begin to manifest short term and long term patterns that can reconfigure yourself worth and your worth to others.


Decolonizing Love

Exploring the inner and outer dialogue that is positive and negatively effecting your ability to love more abundantly and heal your relationship to yourself and others.

The Circle

Available for group facilitation and as a motivational speaker, poet, artist, community arts programming, decolonization workshops, creative consultant, muralist.

Re-membering The Flow

Are you struggling with creativity, with becoming inspired with finishing your manuscript, your creative project, need to explore creative outlets to redirect your project? Need to generate in a more abundant way?

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More Offerings

Weekly Offerings
“Honoring The Memory”

Original Painting 16″ by 20″


“Mother Earth, Tonantzin”

Original Painting 16″ by 20″


“Omecuihtli Omecuihcatl, Ometeotl”

Original Painting 36″ by 48″


“Seven Generations Corn Song”

Original Painting 16″ by 20″